Partnering with Gemspring

As a business owner, choosing the right capital partner is a critical decision. At Gemspring, we seek to understand your vision to help you realize your business goals. We invest on a majority control or minority non-control basis, providing flexibility tailored to each company’s specific needs.

Stewards of Your Legacy

Gemspring values the relationships and team that you’ve built, and we seek to serve as stewards of your business. Whether you decide to stay involved or pivot away from day-to-day operations, Gemspring will honor your legacy.

More than Just Capital

In addition to providing capital to support the growth of your business, we are available to provide expert strategic and operational support, access to industry experts, team building and recruiting resources, business development and M&A execution and resources to help find and close add-on acquisitions.

True Partners in Every Sense

Our team values the opportunity to work alongside founders and management teams. We believe in creating alignment through financial incentives and driving participation throughout the organization. We take a long-term, partnership approach and help management teams reach their long-term objectives.


  • Gain expert strategic, operational, and financial support to maximize growth potential
  • Flexible capital solutions giving owners the choice: either maintain majority equity ownership and operational control or, exit to pursue other interests
  • Informed decision-making with advanced analytics and resources
  • M&A and business development resources for sourcing and execution of acquisitions
  • Significant exit preparation to maximize value